Acronis Backup Cloud

Acronis Cloud Backup is a go-to solution for small and large businesses worried about the availability and security of their critical files. It offers a range of features to protect companies from digital and physical disasters, including management capabilities that save time and effort.
Comprehensive support

Acronis Cloud Backup supports more than 20 platforms, ranging from virtualisation hypervisors for backing up virtual machines through to Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

SaaS based
This turnkey SaaS solution is easy to set up, with nothing to install and no hardware to buy.
Cross-Cloud compatibility
Administrators can use the Acronis Backup Gateway to store backups in the Acronis cloud infrastructure, third-party cloud environments, or alternative off-site storage to suit compliance and risk requirements.
Backup Types
Acronis Backup Cloud suits differing backup strategies, supporting a range of backup types, from individual file backup through to backup for virtual machines, and entire operating systems and its applications.
Customer Benefits
Customers can back up data wherever and whenever they want using Acronis’ cloud-based solution, and which helps management of backup jobs with a simple central console. It offers a range of benefits for busy companies eager to solve their data backup problems.
Backup Flexibility
Acronis Cloud Backup supports private, public, and hybrid cloud environments to suit shifting IT strategies.
Secure Access
Defining access privileges for different employee groups keeps backups safe. Administrators can grant access only to employees who need it.
Ransomeware Protection
Real-time file protection gives effective protection from ransomware, eliminating risk from one of the biggest modern cyberthreats.

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