Computer & Laptop Services

common issues

Are you experiencing technical problems with your PC, Laptop or MAC and need help? at Metacube Surbiton we provide you with a complete and professional IT service to help you with your computer problems. We can fix all makes and models of Apple Macs, Laptops and Computers.

We can fix many computer related issues including problems such as:

  • Computer-Laptop-Mac-RepairsSlow computer issues
  • Unusual errors and warnings
  • Internet connection problems 
  • Network problems 
  • Router or modem problems 
  • Viruses, spyware, trojans, malware
  • Cluttered System
  • System crash problems
  • Laptop or PC hardware issues 
  • Printer or peripheral connection problems 
  • Mobile internet connection problems
  • Recovery of data due to system failure
  • Software or hardware compatibility problems 
  • And many more…