About Us

a little bit about our history

Our Background

Established in 2001,  Metacube has been providing 1st class IT support and services to consumers and businesses nationwide.

We are an ideal IT partner for your company, with the flexibility to meet the demands of the most diverse and fastest growing businesses. Working in partnerships, we are focused on delivering the highest standard of IT services that our long list of multi-sector customers have come to rely upon.

We have a team of IT specialists with years of experience in the IT industry, our technicians are fully trained, certified with Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and qualified with the latest tools and technology at their disposal. We outsource with the UK’s largest distributors and suppliers to supply IT equipment at competitive prices, we can provide; Servers, Computers & Laptops, Replacement Parts, Peripherals, Accessories, Consumables and Software at affordable prices.

Our Mission

To be a leading provider, you have to lead by example. The thoughts and comments from our clients are testament to the effort and pride that all members of our team take in what they do for you and the example they set for our competition.

With the challenge of being a market leader comes the need to constantly strive to be more efficient, reliable and a step or two ahead of the competition.

We meet this challenge through continual service improvement, educating our staff on latest technologies and forming partnerships with other market leaders to provide the best value products.

Service Guarantee

At Metacube, we provide consistently high standards of support to all our clients – big or small- through a service-led approach. Because of this we don’t need to tie you into annual or long term contracts like our competitors.

We are so confident that we can provide the same high standards of support time and time again, we only require a full month’s notice on any Maintenance Service Agreement.

Our clients remain with us today not only because of our performance, but also the value added services we provide. Our clients see us as a partner, not a supplier and we work tirelessly to ensure that our relationship is for the long term.

We are always available for advice and support – when and wherever you need us!